Lady's Well Lodge

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. How do I Book with Lady's Well Lodge and Retreat?

A. (sorry the reply is longer than the "4 step process" itself) There are two options to check availability and pricing.

Step 1 — Option 1 — Drop the team a message via the ladyswellretreat or ladyswelllodge facebook pages with your dates and we will get back to you with prices and availability — if we are available and online — we will answer your query within minutes, however; if we are working, we may not see your message immediately, but we will respond as soon as we are able to.


Option 2 — visit our website and view the availability by selecting the price list pages.

The price list pages take you to the same calendars we use, there are they are usually up to date and show prices in the time slots — our standard breaks are friday to monday or monday to friday, so please bear this in mind when checking as we may be in the process of taking a deposit. The deposit is the only way to secure your dates. If our standard check-in / check-out days don't suit — please message us your requirements — we can be flexible, but we do have minimum durations.

Step 2 — You will need to fill in a booking form using our online system, again found on the website on the Ts and Cs page — read the Ts and Cs and go to the booking form found at the bottom of the page. the booking form need to be filled in by the person who will take full ownership and responsibility for the holiday. Once the form is filled in, you will recieve an Invoice, showing the Deposit that has been agreed, and the holiday cost.

Step 3 — You pay the deposit via bank transfer, or we can arrange a phone call to take payment from credit or debit cards — for fraud protection, only holidays 30 days or more in advance can be paid for by card. last minute bookings have to be via bank transfer. please note — we do NOT offer PayPal, and our bank account is a high street registered bank.

Step 4 — Notify us of the deposit payment, and we will make your booking a "deposit Paid" booking and NOT a provisional booking — deposits need to be paid within 3 days of enquiry and 24hrs of the booking form being completed.

At this stage, we will issue you an updated invoice showing what is paid / not paid and any balances that are outstanding. you have 4 weeks prior to the check-in date to settle the remaining holiday cost.

You can pay in installments if you wish — but please let us know you wish to pay in interest free installments and we will set things up for you on our systems. Each payment you make towards your holiday will result in you having an updated invoice / receipt until the balance is paid in full.

Once the balance is paid in full, the final invoice will provide the exact address and location of the property, which may be needed to obtain access to the site via the security gate.

Q. Your Breaks are Monday to Friday or Friday to Monday, but I don't want to stay sunday night due to work commitments?

As we mention above, we can be flexible, but offering a monday morning check-out means you can stay all day on sunday and can leave at any time on sunday. all we ask is you return the keys to where you collected them. and let us know you have left for security reasons.

Q. My Deposit — When will I see this returned to me?

A. Contractually within 14 days, however; we try to pay this back once the cleaning and change over team have been into the property and confirmed that they have not had to spend additional time due to uncleanliness and when they confirm all items are in a satisfactory condition — ie. no breakages. Once we have this confirmation we endeavour to instruct the bank to return the deposit.

At this point, we will contact you and ask for the bank account you wish the deposit to be transferred to or we give the option to retain the deposit against a new holiday booking.

Q. Why do you not post the property address(es) online? why do we have to wait until we have paid in full?

A. Sadly, there are people who steal property details, locations and photos from facebook and web pages. If you notice, we try to watermark the majority of our photos in order to stop theft of our images.

The same applies with the exact locations. there are specialist teams monitoring facebook and website for false information. These teams know who the rightful property owners are. If something pops up and isn't right the original owner is notified and so are the authorities.

There are accounts on Facebook that also become "Hi-Jacked" and fraudsters use these accounts to resell something they do not own. — please be cautious if approached by anyone whose facebook profile is based in Wales, Flint / Camarthen as this area seems to attract people who steal money for properties they do not own.

Q. You have a facebook group in addition to your facebook pages. how do I join this? what benefits are there? and When I tried Joining it asked a series of questions that I didnt fully understand?

A. Yes — we have a Facebook group — We use this to provide all previous and upcoming guests with offers, benefits or any news relating to the site which may be of benefit to the members of the group. The questions are there to basically show we are fighting against fraud and would like to ensure we don't get any fraudsters joining our group. Sadly — Holiday groups on facebook DO get targetted by fraudsters who join.

Therefore — we ask... have you stayed with us before? followed by the next questions helping assist fight fraud — hopefuly — you will help try to keep facebook a safer place.

Q. Where can I view your terms and conditions and are they legally binding?

A. Terms and Conditions can be viewed on our website our Terms and Conditions are fully legally binding, and as a result, you have to complete three acknowledgments that you have read them whilst completing your booking form. In addition to the information you provide on your booking form, we also take note of your registered Internet IP Address which can be used to show which device you have signed the contract on, and it's location at that time.

Q. Do I need Holiday insurance, similar to when I holiday outside of the UK?

A. We urge you to obtain a policy that covers you for illness injury and loss of holiday for any reason outside of your control and outside of ours. We may not be able to compensate you for the loss of your holiday for reasons outside of our control — this also includes failure of services provided by the Holiday Park Owners.

Your Lakeside Lodge is a Pet Free area, and your Retreat is Pet Friendly. Can my daytime visiting friend bring their pet to the Lodge if they are not staying here?

A. Although we dont mind friends visiting you while you are holidaying with us, sadly, due to allergy reasons, we cannot allow pets of any nature to visit the Lakeside Lodge.

Can I fish near to the Lakeside Lodge or the Retreat?

There is a fishing lake near to our units, which is no more than a 4 minute walk away from the Retreat and 2 minutes from the Lakeside Lodge. However, you cannot fish in the Lake in front of the Lodge — as this is specifically for watersports only (WaterSki)

Please visit the Away Resorts Website and Search for "Toms Tackle Shop" to pbtain information relating to fishing on the Merlin Point Fishing Lake.

I have friends who want to visit for the day, but it is too far to travel there and back in the day, can my friends stay over? will there be any addition to the price of the holiday?

As long as there are no more than the maximum occupancy of the unit you are booking, we have no issues with this at all.

We do ask for their names to be added to the booking form, as this will protect both the guests and the owners for insurance purposes and site security. There will be no additional charges for friends stay over - but please adhere to the maximum occupancy of 8 people including babies, infants and children.

Does anyone else have access to the hot tubs while we are staying in the property?

No - each property has it's own hot tub - the only people with access to the Hot Tub are the guests booked in the property at that time, and the Hot Tub management company staff, who will test the water during your stay.

How do you charge for dogs / pets?

Firstly, ONLY the Retreat accepts pets. Secondly, we are charged by our clenaing / change—over staff £25 for one Pet and £30 for two. Please Note the Site has a policy of a maximum of two dogs per property.